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At ZANA, we believe it should be a priority for woman who cover to spend time at a salon. 


     What a salon can offer you is more than professional care and advice, which is also an important aspect, but a relaxing, luxury experience.

     As working women, working mothers, working students, we are constantly putting others before ourselves. We often spend little to no time taking care of our own personal needs or desires

in order to make more time for other things. For women who cover their hair, hair is

just one more thing to neglect in self care. 


     The experience we offer is a time where the world becomes your world.

You walk out feeling relaxed, beautiful, and healthy. 

    We strive to accommodate everyone who needs privacy, or simply desires it. We have a single section if you're on your own, or an extended area if you brought a friend along!

We want you to come in, let your guard down, sip on some

tea or coffee and let us do our magic. 

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