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(908) 277-2221 / APPOINTMENTS

TUES:   10AM-4PM

WED:    10AM-8PM

THUR:   10AM-6PM

FRI:      10AM-6PM

SAT:      9AM-4PM

SUN:     10AM-4PM 


ZANA hair boutique, located in beautiful Summit, NJ,

is here to offer you an inspired and transformative hair design experience.

To achieve maximum happiness, we believe the key to feeling your most beautiful and authentic self is through nourishing your mind, body, and soul. 

The function and aesthetic of ZANA's chic and serene Boho atmosphere was designed with tranquility, positivity and passion in mind.

Just relax and leave your hair in our hands.

With masters of all different traits and specializations, our stylists are able to accommodate any visitor that walks through our doors, executing a myriad of customized, artful, and diversified looks everyday. Our hair experts possess

advanced education from prestigious studios, such as Sassoon, Goldwell,

Devachan, REZO cut. 

Keeping up with the latest hair trends and always remaining one step ahead,

ZANA offers you the most personalized design for each unique personality

that enters. We believe the salon experience shouldn't end the moment

you walk out of our doors. Along with the best design comes detailed

knowledge on maintaining the look achieved.

We are masters in 

Hair Extensions




We want to empower you to carry that ease and confidence out into the real world,

so that it leaves more room for you to go out and boldly change the world.

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