To ensure we can maintain the best experience for you here, as well as respect our space and hardworking stylists, we kindly ask you to accept these policies.




Deposit required for new clients


It is easy to forget an appointment as a stylists precious time and space is allocated especially for you. A no-show or last minute cancellation means the stylist has now lost out on the time dedicated for you, that could have been saved for another client. In order to respect this, we require a 25% deposit for all new clients.




Deposit for repeated no-shows or late cancellations


We love to cater to each and every client, and are completely understanding that life gets in the way of things sometimes. This is why, after the 3rd no-show, or late cancellation, we will require a 25% deposit when booking your next appointment.




Keeping the little ones at home


While we know parenting is your priority as mothers or fathers, a salon can be a very unsafe environment for your young loved ones. With hot tools, scissors, and machines easy to all run into, we want to ensure your child's safety. Better to be safe than sorry in a place where we want you to come, relax, and not have any worries.





All other polices are listed throughout the website




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